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Terms of Service Agreement

1) I have fully completed the order form with all of the details of my occasion including most importantly the date and location that I want the Yard Card installed. I have also double checked the spelling of my loved one’s name or my event name/phrase. I understand that The Yard Card Company LLC (YCC) is not responsible for mistakes that I made on the order form.

2) YCC will contact me to confirm my paid order and ask questions as applicable. If I do not respond or reply, YCC will install the card using the information that I have provided.

3) Payment must be received in full in order to put my Yard Card on the calendar. If alternate payment arrangements need to be made I will contact YCC before ordering. Under no circumstance can I expect to have my card installed unless I have paid in full or I have received an agreement in writing from YCC with alternate payment arrangements.

4) If my event is postponed or cancelled, as long as the card has not already been installed I will receive a credit for my next Yard Card. YCC will work with me to reschedule. I will give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling otherwise a $25 rescheduling fee will apply.

5) If for some reason YCC is unable to install the card on the property through no fault of my own, YCC will provide a full refund.

6) I will notify YCC of any dangerous pets, neighbors, terrain, or otherwise unusual circumstances on the property so that YCC can prepare accordingly. I will also provide any security or gate codes that may be needed to access the community or property. If YCC is not able to access the property for any reason that I did not prepare for ahead of time I will not receive a refund or a credit.

7) The YCC designers will do their very best to accommodate my requests and make a unique and special one of a kind card. Photos on the website are for examples only; there is no guarantee that my card will look a certain way or be a certain size (except I will receive the Occasion or Theme as requested). Every card and every yard is different and YCC reserves the right to use their creative artistic license.

8) I will leave the Yard Card as is and I will not attach balloons or other decorations to any part of the Yard Card display and I will not tamper with the electric or solar powered light if my card comes with one.

9) YCC is not responsible for any damage the Yard Cards may do in case of a storm. The Yard Cards are designed to withstand normal storms and rain but if an unusual weather event occurs, while it’s highly unlikely I understand the card may blow in the wind and if that happens I will notify YCC immediately.

10) I will enjoy my Yard Card and post pictures on social media and tell all my friends how awesome it was working with YCC.

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